A downloadable labyrinth for Windows

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Cyber Labyrinth Dungeon Crawler.
This is a very early test build of the basic systems!
*Donations help fund this project!
*Also check out my patreon to see behind the scenes progress (mostly visuals)

Confirm: C, Space
Cancel/Bring up Menu: X, ESC
Movement: Arrow Keys

This build is intended for my patreon supporters it's public now!

Some notes:

*Please install both fonts included in the aptly named "INSTALL THESE
FONTS B4 PLAYING" folder. Otherwise the game's text will not show up.
The final release will hopefully read the fonts locally from the game
folder instead.

*If you cannot get the game to run. Make sure:
-RGSS104E.dll is in the folder with the game
-If you are getting the dreaded "RGSS Player Is Not Responding" error
when starting the game up, try anything in this thread:

*I haven't done very much work balancing combat, its tricky? I'd say
encounters are on the easier side right now, but it depends on your
starting party build.

*You can make an indefinite amount of characters in the intro, but
you'll probably crash the game at some point if you do?

*Music credits: I didn't really have time to write music for the demo,
so a little of the music is old stuff i've written and the rest is
from some pc98/x68000 games.

-The organ track in the beginning is mine,
The Other Tracks:
-Groundlife[Spirit] & B-in (Ryu Umemoto) from Groundseed  
-Human Sniper (PYZ) from XX-Files R

If you run into any other bugs please report them to me at dataerase1@gmail.com




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Labyrinthos_demo.zip 25 MB


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The visuals on this are just dope.

Also the soundtrack.

Oh my god SO GOOD. Loving the art style and what animations there are and the character design. 

I know it's in extremely super-early pre-pre-alpha development but having markers for the NPCs in B1 would be super-helpful in getting downstairs to heal before letting an UNDEFINED completely demolish me.

Also, keyboard support for text entry would be cool - it's not readily apparent that ESC is the "delete character" key at first.

Super excited to see what comes up next! I am absolutely positively 800% down to see where this all goes I love this so much sadflksdljkaksldjkf

This is sick as hell!! The aesthetic and all the pixel art is so good!

Reminds me of the dungeon crawling in the original Phantasy Star games.