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Digitally paint with the power of g᷾l̶᷾i̝t̴̠ch̃᷃!

64 glitch brush presets for photoshop (and now clip studio paint!). You're obviously free to use these in whatever way you wish, I think they work a little more as intended when you paint in short straight lines!

Clip Studio Paint ver. courtesy of @doctorfunkbeat

Update: Added the patterns used for brushes as well (88 in total) so users can make their own glitch brushes if they'd like.

Update Update: Apparently I had set the permissions of the folder for the ABR files to not be able to be opened by anyone at some point as some users have been having trouble with this, its re-uploaded and should work now.

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TagsBrushes, clip-studio, glitch, patterns, photoshop, Pixel Art, preset


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Glitch Brushes 2.7z 6 MB


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In CSP, you need to go into sub tool settings (with each brush you wan to use) and go to texture and uncheck the last item as in "Apply with each stroke". Then it will appear as it should


I think I have made them work in GIMP (2.10.10, linux).

1. Copy the .abr files to ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/brushes (you can leave them in subdirectories).

2. Copy the folders of patterns from the CSP brushes to ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/patterns (you can leave them in subdirectories and also leave them as pngs).

3. Using the clone tool, select "Pattern" as the source and select one of the glitch patterns. You can use any brush, but the new brushes will be square.

The only downside to this method is that the pattern does not scale with the brush, which I assume it would in PS or CSP. It also always starts in the same place in the pattern, so you'll want to move in different directions or swap the patterns with some frequency.

Anyway, thanks for making these! I found them in the giant bundle and I'm excited to use them.

You legend, thank you.

Thanks, good stuff.


Are you able to port these brushes to Krita?

these look great in theory, but the photoshop folder can't be opened because i "do not have permission to see its contents"

Hi! This problem should be fixed now if you try redownlaoding, i think at some point when updating these I changed the permissions of that folder by accident.

Thank you! It worked that time! these are lovely, and I appreciate you taking the time to fix them!

Any chance you could include a raw image version of the brushes? For me at least the .abr version used is too recent to be recognize by gimp, resulting in black square brushes there.

I've considered it/have been planning to as an update for the three of these for awhile. Look forward to an update from me on that either this week or next?


Still waiting, I just spent an hour trying to convert these but so far no luck. It's just solid black squares in any converter I tried. And all kind of sites point to photoshop, which I don't own.  :(

Sorry, ive been dealing with life events and other stuff atm and haven't gotten around to this. The brushes themselves are just a single square that paints a pattern w. a transparent bg down, however your converting them is probably converting the actual brush shape but not the pattern that goes with it is what im imagining.

if you don't want to wait on me, try converting the patterns that came with your download instead of the brushes

Oh ok sry my bad actually, turns out I didn't really understand how to use these to begin with. I started to get the hang of it now via that reference to transparent bg. Thank you for your time!